Stained Glass Domes in Any Size

Stained glass domes come in any size.

This colorful stained glass dome design can be created in any size imaginable.


Custom Sizes for Stained Glass Domes
Stained glass domes provide a dramatic look to any building with its varied color and light displays as the sun or artificial light source shines on it. You may think that you must have a large space to include a stained glass dome. However, these stained glass domes can be customized to fit just about any space, inspiring viewers and lifting moods.

Things to Consider When Measuring
When you are thinking about adding a stained glass dome, there are some things to think about as you measure:

  • Will the stained glass dome be an interior dome below a skylight, a stained glass exterior dome gazebo, or an interior stained glass dome that sits below a light box? This will change the custom size you need.
  • Where will you be adding this beautiful ceiling? All architectural elements need to be sized to be proportionate to one another so you want to make sure you create a custom size of stained glass dome that is a similar size to any other elements in the structure. This way, the stained glass dome will not dominate the room or be lost in the scope and space of the area.

Creating a Custom Size for a Stained Glass Dome
Our catalogue for stained glass domes has an extensive array of domes sizes in various shapes. However, that is not all we offer because we realize that not every space will be a standard size. That’s when we work with clients to create a custom size designed to fit their ceiling or gazebo.

Having this design freedom to create a custom size provides a way for anyone to add this spectacular architectural element to their building whether that is a restaurant, casino, pool room, hotel or entry just to name a few applications. Along with the custom size, you can also create your own unique design and color combination for the stained glass.

Creating a custom size does not have to be expensive. That’s because Stained Glass Inc. offers studio direct pricing on all stained glass domes along with easy installation thanks to its modular design process. Saving time on the installation process means further cost savings. Plus, with the help of the Stained Glass Inc. design team, measuring can be perfected to ensure the right size the first time.

Other Features to Include with a Stained Glass Dome
In addition to creating a custom size and manufacturing a stained glass dome with only the finest quality, environmentally-friendly materials, Stained Glass Inc. can produce the other architectural elements that can be integrated with the dome project. This includes creating custom trim, moldings, columns and coves as well as LED backlighting elements.

Free Estimates for Stained Glass Domes
To learn more about custom size and designs for stained glass domes, please contact our team of stained glass professionals. They are available to provide information or a free estimate by using our contact form or by calling 903-454-8376.

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