Stained glass dome, Opryland, Nashville, TN 30′ diameter, 3’6″ tall

There is a dome here that interests me, but I’d like to modify the design, color, and/or size. Is that possible?
No problem. Since we manufacture the domes, we are happy to customize their size, color, or design to meet your needs.
How are stained glass domes installed?
Stained Glass Inc.’s domes are designed to be simple to install and easy to work with. The domes are shipped as prefabricated units. The steel frame is assembled, and the modular stained glass panel sections are then set into the frame. Once a light box and framing for the dome perimeter are installed, the dome can be assembled on the ground, lifted into place, and attached to the perimeter frame.
Once I place an order, how long will it take for my stained glass dome to arrive?
Most domes ship in 12 to 14 weeks. However, production times may vary depending on workload and the level of customization required.
How are stained glass domes lit?
Interior domes can be backlit with a framed-in, sheetrocked “lightbox” in the ceiling, and by using incandescent, LED, or florescent lights. If you need some assistance with light layout or design, let us know. We will be happy to help you to ensure that your stained glass dome is evenly illuminated, and that shadows and hotspots are avoided. For natural illumination during the daytime hours, a skylight can be placed above the stained glass dome. The two approaches described above can also be combined. A skylight will light up the dome during the day, and electric backlighting can be used at night.
Is it safe to install stained glass domes overhead?
Yes. Unlike ordinary stained glass, the material used in our stained glass domes has a safety laminated glazing that makes it safe for overhead use and meets the code requirements for breakage resistance.
How do I order a custom dome in stained glass?
Call us at 903-454-8376 or send us an email through our contact page. We will walk you through the custom dome design and ordering procedure. We can also provide a free initial consultation and a no-charge estimate to help you decide whether we are the right manufacturer for you.