Custom Shapes for your Stained Glass Dome

Flower shaped stained glass dome.

Create any shaped stained glass dome you can dream of with Stained Glass Inc.

Stained Glass Dome Custom Shapes
A stained glass dome can be that central feature to your hotel, casino, government building or university that completes or unifies your architectural style. At the same time, it adds light and ambiance. Not to mention, it can leave your visitors and guests in sheer awe of its grandeur and elegance.

Making a Stained Glass Dome
Stained glass domes from Stained Glass Inc. are constructed by using a modular design process that is intended to make the manufacturing and installation process for these domes as easy and fast as possible. The other advantage to using this modular design process is that every stained glass dome we make is essentially a custom product for our clients.

Stained Glass Dome Shapes
Although you may think that a stained glass dome has to be dome shaped, these stained glass features can actually be manufactured in any shape to fit any existing space in your structure. This enables you to minimize or even skip any construction in order to add that stained glass dome.

Our custom stained glass dome shapes include:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Octagonal
  • Hexagonal

Besides these examples of shapes, there are many more options available. Practically any shape can be made for your stained glass dome in the size you need. Since they are made to order, you can be assured that it will fit your space. Our team helps you with the measuring process and also provides consultations along the way to ensure you get exactly what you want and can install it.

In addition to the shape and size, we also offer a way to add the stained glass dome so that it fits with an existing skylight or opening in your structure. The other option is to incorporate one of our LED backlit structures so you can still enjoy the stained glass dome without having to rely on natural light or for nighttime illumination. These features also can be incorporated with any shape you want for your stained glass dome.

Working with Stained Glass Inc.
Besides being able to order your stained glass dome in any shape or size, there are other reasons to consider working with Stained Glass Inc.

  • Our existing catalogue of stained glass designs for domes provides an array of styles and patterns to fit your architecture. We can also work with your own design ideas and turn that into the stained glass dome of your dreams.
  • Our skilled stained glass artisans have worked with stained glass for years and have portfolios of their beautiful, high-quality work.
  • Our materials do not use lead and are environmentally sound not to mention strong and long lasting in terms of support, structure, and color.
  • Our factory direct process provides a convenient and low-cost way to incorporate a stained glass dome in your structure.

Get Your Stained Glass Dome Estimate
To learn more about our stained glass dome design and manufacturing process as well as get an estimate on the shape and size you want, please fill out our contact formĀ or call our team of stained glass specialists at 903-454-8376.


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