Stained Glass Domes for Entryways

Add Elegance to Your Foyer with a Stained Glass Dome
Stained glass domes offer a way to add more light to a space as well as create a way to add color and interest to an area. One area that can benefit from a stained glass dome is an entryway or foyer.

Why Add a Stained Glass Dome to an Entryway
An entryway to a business or a foyer in a home is where first impressions by a visitor can be formed. In one way, the entryway becomes a little room that requires decorating to create the mood for that space. It’s important to make this area as inviting and comfortable as possible, setting the tone for the rest of the visitor’s experience as they make their way inside your hotel, restaurant, store or home.

Since a stained glass dome adds light – natural or artificial – this can brighten the space, creating that warmth and friendly feel you want to invoke as visitors come through the front door. The use of color can also enhance that effect while the pattern or design selected for the stained glass dome adds a focal point to the entryway or foyer. It can even make such a bold statement as to create that jaw-dropping effect that a hotel, casino, or resort may want to produce in its visitors.

Stained Glass Entryway Dome Options
When it comes to creating a stained glass entryway dome, there are many options to consider:

  • Stained glass entryway domes can use an existing skylight in the entryway or foyer and use natural light or a light box can be installed within the stained glass entryway dome to use artificial light. This allows for the stained glass entryway dome to create awe, day or night.
  • Stained glass entryway domes can be made to fit any space because they are constructed from a modular design, so customization and installation is fast and easy.
  • There is an extensive collection of stained glass dome designs to suit any taste, interior design, or architectural style. This can include patterns, geometric effects, scenes, and themes that are either religious or non-religious in their message. Even custom stained glass entryway dome designs can be used.

Partnering with Stained Glass Inc. for Your Entryway Stained Glass Dome
Stained Glass Inc. is an excellent partner to choose when designing, manufacturing, and installing a stained glass entryway dome. The advantages include the ability to work directly with the stained glass artisans and stained glass studio to get exactly what you want for your stained glass foyer dome without paying a retail price. The Stained Glass Inc. team has been designing and manufacturing lead-free, environmentally friendly stained glass for years. The team has a portfolio that illustrates a strict adherence to high-quality craftsmanship on every stained glass project.

Get Your Stained Glass Entryway Dome Estimate
To get a free estimate or learn more about adding a stained glass entryway dome to your home or business, including available stained designs and options, please fill out our contact form or call our team of stained glass specialists at 903-454-8376.

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