Add a Stained Glass Dome to your Kitchen

Kitchen Stained Glass Domes
Stained glass domes are not just for libraries and foyers. In fact, stained glass domes have a place anywhere in a home because they add beauty, light, and ambiance. One of the best places in the home for a stained glass dome is the kitchen. As the gathering spot of the home, the stained glass dome provides warmth and comfort.

Stained Glass Domes in the Kitchen
Today’s kitchens have become a true focal point in the home, increasing in size and scope to accommodate more entertaining and to create an ideal space for cooking. Many now include large seating areas to visit and eat while those in the kitchen can feel involved while they prepare and cook meals. With this greater role comes the demand for more unique spaces that reflect the owner. Adding a stained glass dome in the kitchen provides a great way to personalize this area of the home while enhancing the interior design.

Additionally, kitchens may not always have the best light source, depending on where they are in the home. Adding a stained glass dome is a way to introduce more light – natural or artificial – as well as luminous color to the area. A brighter kitchen not only helps in a practical way, but it also brightens the mood of the space.

Kitchen Stained Glass Dome
When it comes to creating a stained glass entryway dome, there are many options to consider:

• Stained glass domes in the kitchen can be added to an existing skylight or a light box can be included to bring the colors to life in the day or evening.
• With a modular design, stained glass domes will fit in all types of kitchens because they are all custom made.
• A stained glass dome can be designed in any number of ways and include all types of imagery, including nature, something related to the kitchen, a replica of a painting, or any number of geometric patterns or scenes. You can use an existing stained glass dome design or create your own. Either way, you are only limited by your imagination.
The Stained Glass Inc. Advantage
When you are looking for a stained glass company to make your kitchen stained glass dome, consider the advantages of working with Stained Glass Inc.:
• Factory direct ordering and shipping that delivers wholesale pricing and a complete stained glass customization process;
• A track record creating high-quality stained glass that has been used and displayed in structures all around the world;
• An American stained glass studio with highly trained and talented stained glass artists;
• An environmentally stained glass product that is free of lead; and
• Friendly and responsive service, including answers to all your questions about stained glass as well as how to measure, order, and install.

Get Your Kitchen Stained Glass Dome Estimate
To get a free estimate or learn more about adding a stained glass entryway dome to your home or business, including available stained glass designs and options, please fill out our contact form or call our team of stained glass specialists at 903-454-8376.

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