Stained Glass Domes for Dining Rooms

Stained Glass Domes for Dining Rooms
One of many places well suited for a stained glass dome is a dining area. Depending on the type of building and architectural style, a stained glass dome could be added many different ways to change the look and feel of this gathering place. Here are some options for adding a stained glass dome to a dining room, cafeteria, or dining hall including what it offers as a design element.

Why Add a Stained Glass Dome to a Dining Area?
Dining areas of all sizes and shapes could benefit from a stained glass dome as it provides a unique design element to the room while also adding color and light to enhance the mood. The stained glass dome is a great way to warm up a room while also creating a soft glow in the evenings for enhanced ambiance. It can even reduce glare in the room.

Other reasons to add a stained glass dome to a dining room is that it can change the feel and size of the room, giving a smaller room a more spacious feel through the addition of light. For a grand dining room, the stained glass can provide a more intimate feel and add ambiance.

Lastly, certain architectural styles were known for stained glass as part of the overall look, including the arts and crafts movement and Craftsman style homes. Adding a stained glass dome as part of the dining area is a way to enhance that architecture and restore the building back to its original architectural style.

Partnering with Stained Glass Inc. for Your Dining Room Stained Glass Dome
Working with Stained Glass Inc. for your dining room stained glass offers considerable advantages over retail stained glass stores. Here’s why:

• We have an extensive catalog of stained glass designs that work well with any style of living room, including those that are designed in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright or Tiffany. We also have everything from nature and landscape to patterns and mosaics.
• Our custom design service also lets you create your own stained glass design for your dining room. Besides a custom design, this also means that we can make you stained glass for your dining room in just about any shape or size.
• Our team of stained glass artisans has a portfolio of work that illustrates the depth of their creativity, expertise, and attention to detail.
• We only use environmentally friendly materials, offering a safe and healthy alternative to stained glass that has been made with lead.
• When you work with us, it means factory direct access to custom stained glass that is competitively priced, offering significant value for you.

Get Your Stained Glass Dining Room Dome Estimate
To learn more about our stained designs and options for a stained glass dome for your dining room as well as to get a free estimate, please fill out our contact form or call our team of stained glass specialists at 903-454-8376.

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