Stained Glass Domes for your Home

Stained Glass Domes: Residential

Stained glass domes are often featured in hotels, casinos, restaurants, libraries and other spacious locations. However, these same colorful, bright, and dramatic domes can also become a beautiful architectural feature in your own home. The stained glass domes offer a range of benefits for any home style or size.

The Benefits of Residential Stained Glass Domes

As a truly unique feature in your home, a stained glass dome will offer many advantages that you may not have considered:

  • The elegant domes add a unique focal point and set your home apart. Placed in a foyer or solarium, any guests to your home will immediately be in awe of its sheer beauty and dramatic effect.
  • The light source produced from the stained glass domes brighten a home and change the mood of any space. The light source can be natural or artificial, depending on the style and size of your dome.
  • Domes can be used in numerous spaces to change the lighting effect of those areas throughout the day, including a master bedroom or bath, library, or staircase.

Designing and Installing a Stained Glass Dome in Your Home

While you may think that designing and installing a stained glass dome for your home will be expensive and involve significant remodeling or construction costs, we have made both processes very easy and affordable.
Everything about our stained glass domes can be completely customized, including virtually any shape. While offering a catalogue of hundreds of stained glass designs, you can also submit your own stained glass design idea that matches your personal interior design. Our designers work with you directly to ensure the design is what you envisioned.

And, you do not have to change the structure of your house just to enjoy a stained glass dome. Instead, the dome is created in panels that work as part of a grid system that has been designed to fit your space. When installing a dome that relies on natural light, it can be placed directly below an existing skylight in your home. If you choose to use artificial light, such as LED lighting for your dome, it can be placed anywhere in your home because no opening in the roof has to be created to enjoy it and it can be controlled with the flick of a switch.

You even have the option of creating a stained glass dome that uses both natural and artificial lighting. This way, you can use the power of the sun to illuminate the dome during the day but still enjoy it in the evening hours thanks to the artificial light source that has been added.

Ordering a Stained Glass Dome for Your Home

Discover the beauty, luminous color, and craftsmanship of stained glass domes for yourself by getting a free estimate from Stained Glass Inc. To learn more about custom ordering, design possibilities, and ease of installation, you can either fill out our contact formĀ or call 903-454-8376.

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