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Custom Stained Glass Domes

Stained glass dome

Beautiful custom stained glass domes can be created to fit your specific style and taste.

Custom Stained Glass Domes
While Stained Glass Inc. offers every design and style imaginable for stained glass domes, including traditional and modern styles as well as religious and non-religious designs, we are known for offering a completely custom service for stained glass domes.

What to Consider When Designing a Custom Stained Glass Dome
When thinking about how to design your custom stained glass dome, there are many things to consider:

• What do you want to express with your stained glass dome? For instance, are you trying to add ambiance to a restaurant or hotel or are you looking to enhance the interior design on your home? Do you want to highlight a religious or inspirational message for your church?
• Where are you putting the stained glass dome in your structure? This may determine the size and scope of its design as well as the colors.
• What type of light source do you want and when will it mostly be on display? You don’t have to rely on natural lighting to enjoy a stained glass dome because artificial lighting can back light the dome. This also allows the dome to be enjoyed in the evening, which is often necessary for a restaurant or casino.

Our Custom Stained Glass Dome Designs
To create a signature look for your stained glass dome that you will not see anywhere else, you can work with our team to design a stained glass dome that represents your brand, location, and type of business or personal style. Because we use a modular design process, we can create just about anything you can imagine.

Everything about our custom stained glass domes is about your personal specifications, including size, pattern, and colors. You can provide an example as a rendering or sketch or our artists can create a picture.

Our customization process also includes designing the dome for a natural light source, an artificial light source, or both.

The Benefits of Partnering with Stained Glass Inc.
There are a number of benefits of working with Stained Glass Inc. on a custom stained glass dome:

• No lead is used in the stained glass production process, offering safety and health benefits.
• The polymers used are stronger than regular glass and deliver higher impact resistance.
• The team of stained glass professionals has extensive expertise and skill in crafting stained glass, using traditional processes and modern technology.
• The company has created some incredible stained glass for clients all over the world in a wide range of applications and structures.
• Our team is friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive, so you know your image, technical, and installation questions will be answered and you will be able to enjoy the design, ordering, delivery and installation process for your custom stained glass dome.
• We provide complimentary design consultations as well as free quotes.

Learn More about Custom Stained Glass Domes
To find out just how easy it is to design and order a custom stained glass dome, contact our team of stained glass professionals now to get more information, receive a free custom quote, and discuss your ideas. You can reach Stained Glass Inc. by filling out our contact form or calling 903-454-8376.

Building Stained Glass Domes

Building a stained glass dome.

Basic drawing for stained glass dome assembly.

Building Stained Glass Domes
Whether used for residential or commercial applications, stained glass domes provide a way to brighten a room or space as well as add beauty and ambiance through dramatic colors and artistic patterns.

Our stained glass domes are safe, lead-free, and 200 times stronger than leaded glass. Each one is made with the finest details and has undergone UV lab testing that shows that the stained glass dome can be exposed to ten years of UV light without fading. Our stained glass domes are also lightweight and shatter-resistant.

Stained Glass Dome Assembly
While you may think that stained glass dome installation may be cumbersome, time-consuming, and complicated, we have the assembly and installation process down to a science so you do not have to do any ‘heavy lifting.’ This is because we have developed a modular process for installation that does not require major construction or remodeling to add a stained glass dome to your structure.

To show you just how easy it is to add a stained glass dome, here are the assembly instructions we typically provide to customers to help them add this beautiful architectural touch to their structure:

1. Assemble the metal frame.
2. Bolt the base ring together, following the matching lettered parts on each component.
3. Bolt the longitudinal ribs at the center ring together. Do the ribs on the opposite sides first to add stability to the stained glass dome frame and then finish off bolting together the other ribs.
4. Add the polymer stained glass panels. These are attached with nuts and washers to threaded anchors.
5. Add black silicone at the joints where the stained glass panels meet the frame of the dome.

Before ordering and installing your stained glass dome, it is recommended that you still ensure you are meeting local building codes.

Lighting Your Stained Glass Dome
Before ordering your stained glass dome and assembling it, you will need to consider where to place it in your structure to get the desired light level.

For stained glass domes placed under a skylight, it is important to make an enclosed box to seal the light shaft between the dome and the skylight. Of course, if you still want to show off the stained glass dome in the evenings, you will need to add a lightbox as well for nighttime viewing.

For those domes installed with a lightbox, you can add both dimmable LED lights and florescent lights, which allow you to change the light intensity throughout the day or evening to create different levels of ambiance for the space.

To ensure you get even lighting, keep the light sources away from the dome panels as much as possible. This means leaving at least 8-10 inches of space between the dome panels and the light source. This will allow for the light to indirectly illuminate the back of the dome.

Free Estimates for Stained Glass Domes
To learn more about custom ordering, shipping, and installation, please contact our team of stained glass professionals who are happy to assist you with any questions or concerns. We also offer free estimates for stained glass domes. You can reach us through our contact form or by calling 903-454-8376.

Stained Glass Domes for your Home

Stained Glass Domes: Residential

Stained glass domes are often featured in hotels, casinos, restaurants, libraries and other spacious locations. However, these same colorful, bright, and dramatic domes can also become a beautiful architectural feature in your own home. The stained glass domes offer a range of benefits for any home style or size.

The Benefits of Residential Stained Glass Domes

As a truly unique feature in your home, a stained glass dome will offer many advantages that you may not have considered:

  • The elegant domes add a unique focal point and set your home apart. Placed in a foyer or solarium, any guests to your home will immediately be in awe of its sheer beauty and dramatic effect.
  • The light source produced from the stained glass domes brighten a home and change the mood of any space. The light source can be natural or artificial, depending on the style and size of your dome.
  • Domes can be used in numerous spaces to change the lighting effect of those areas throughout the day, including a master bedroom or bath, library, or staircase.

Designing and Installing a Stained Glass Dome in Your Home

While you may think that designing and installing a stained glass dome for your home will be expensive and involve significant remodeling or construction costs, we have made both processes very easy and affordable.
Everything about our stained glass domes can be completely customized, including virtually any shape. While offering a catalogue of hundreds of stained glass designs, you can also submit your own stained glass design idea that matches your personal interior design. Our designers work with you directly to ensure the design is what you envisioned.

And, you do not have to change the structure of your house just to enjoy a stained glass dome. Instead, the dome is created in panels that work as part of a grid system that has been designed to fit your space. When installing a dome that relies on natural light, it can be placed directly below an existing skylight in your home. If you choose to use artificial light, such as LED lighting for your dome, it can be placed anywhere in your home because no opening in the roof has to be created to enjoy it and it can be controlled with the flick of a switch.

You even have the option of creating a stained glass dome that uses both natural and artificial lighting. This way, you can use the power of the sun to illuminate the dome during the day but still enjoy it in the evening hours thanks to the artificial light source that has been added.

Ordering a Stained Glass Dome for Your Home

Discover the beauty, luminous color, and craftsmanship of stained glass domes for yourself by getting a free estimate from Stained Glass Inc. To learn more about custom ordering, design possibilities, and ease of installation, you can either fill out our contact form or call 903-454-8376.

Stained Glass Domes for Restaurants

Stained glass dome for hotel

Custom designed stained glass dome at Opryland Nashville.

The Benefits of a Stained Glass Dome in your Restaurant

Restaurants are always looking for ways to set themselves apart from the competition. One of the ways that dining establishments can do this is through their ambiance—something many diners seek as part of their restaurant experience. One of the most visually striking ways to create a dramatic look for your restaurant is to add a stained glass dome.

Ambiance, Warmth, and Romance with Stained Glass Domes

As one of the most dramatic architectural features that could be added to a restaurant, stained glass domes provide a unique ambiance for your guests. Imagine how your diners will feel enjoying a romantic meal under the warmth and soft glow of a stained glass dome.

The luminous, rich colors of the stained glass dome can be lit by a skylight in your restaurant, by efficient fluorescent and LED lights, or by both. Either way, stained glass domes add color and light to a space that may otherwise be too dark or lack the design aesthetic that sets your restaurant apart from others.

Installing a Stained Glass Dome in a Restaurant

Installing a stained glass dome is easy. That’s because the domes have been designed as modular pieces so they can be combined to make any size dome. The panels are designed to work with new or existing grid systems in your restaurant. Even if you are adding a stained glass dome to an existing restaurant, it will not have to undergo construction or remodeling to make it fit.

When you receive your stained glass dome, it arrives in prefabricated units. All you need to do is assemble the steel frame and set the modular stained glass panel pieces into the frame.

The Design Freedom of Custom Stained Glass Domes

Master craftsmen have created a wide range of sizes, shapes, and designs that are made to fit in with your restaurant’s architectural and interior design. If you do not see a stained glass design among Stained Glass Inc.’s catalog of thousands of designs, you have the design freedom to work with our team to custom create anything that fits your vision. That means using a crest, logo, or specific color palette that matches your existing restaurant décor.

The Stained Glass Inc. Advantage

There are many advantages to selecting Stained Glass Inc. for your restaurant stained glass dome. As a world-class leader in stained glass, we only use the finest quality materials available and utilize a process that is lead free, providing safer stained glass.

Another advantage of working with us is that we offer studio direct prices on completely custom stained glass domes. Ordering direct from the manufacturer provides you with additional value that makes it affordable to add a stained glass dome to your restaurant.

Ordering a Restaurant Stained Glass Dome

For a free estimate or more information on how your restaurant will benefit from the beauty of a stained glass dome, please fill in our contact form or call us at 903-454-8376. Our team of stained glass professionals is available to explain the custom stained glass dome design, ordering, and installation process.

Stained Glass Inc. Presents Stained Glass Domes for Churches

Church Stained Glass Domes

Beautiful Stained Glass Domes for Churches

A signature element of some of the world’s most ancient and revered churches, the stained glass dome is an architectural element that provides the effect of illuminated heavens. Beautifully intricate stained glass domes evoke old world charm as well as a sense of the divine, making them perfect for use in a church. Of course, the old style of stained glass, which is made up of dense metal and weighty glass, is incredibly cumbersome, expensive and difficult to install. Fortunately, Stained Glass Inc. has a solution for that.

Stained Glass Domes from Stained Glass Inc.

Stained Glass Inc. is one of the foremost manufacturers and distributors of stained glass domes. With an ingenious combination of modern techniques and hybridized, light-weight materials, Stained Glass Inc. has engineered a stained glass dome that is not only affordable, but also easy to install. Additionally, Stained Glass Inc. has pioneered the usage of sophisticated fastening systems which allow for these domes to be hung from an all but invisible support system, so they can be installed in virtually any space that could benefit from a stained glass dome ceiling.

Day or Night, Our Stained Glass Domes are Radiant

One of the disadvantages of working with real stained glass is that it requires natural backlighting for the effect to be visible. Stained glass domes from Stained Glass Inc. can be backlit with warm LED light sources that illuminate the stained glass regardless of the time of day or presence of natural backlighting. No matter how big or small your church is, we have a stained glass dome that can fit your space. Even if there is natural backlighting to illuminate your stained glass during the day, our illuminated stained glass domes can be turned on to light up ceremonies that take place after dark, like Midnight Mass, or even just for rainy, overcast days when the sun isn’t out.

Custom Stained Glass Domes that are Built to Last

One of the advantages of working with any member of the Stromberg Group is the ability to custom-design your order. With Stained Glass Inc., we can design your stained glass dome with any design you can dream of, and we can build your stained glass dome to fit in any space. Whether you are looking for something in more of a Tiffany style, or you are looking for something a bit more traditional and ecclesiastic, if you can dream it, we can design it. Better still, due to the durability of our polymer blend, you can be sure that your custom-designed stained glass dome will be appreciated for generations to come.

Advantages of Stained Glass Inc. Stained Glass Domes

  • More affordable than traditional stained glass
  • More durable than traditional stained glass
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance

Contact Us Today for More Information or an Estimate

Interested? For more information about how to custom-order your own stained glass dome, or for an estimate, contact us today by visiting our contact page https://www.stainedglassdome.com/contact-us/ or calling us at 903-454-8376. Our team of expert artisans and craftsmen are on call and excited to work with you to make your dreams of stained glass a reality.