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Stained Glass Dome Design Options
Whether you have a restaurant, hotel, casino, retail center, church or government building project, you will be sure to offer a dramatic and engaging ambiance when you install a stained glass dome.

How to Choose a Stained Glass Design
When deciding on adding a stained glass dome to your building, you will want to consider a few things before selecting a stained glass design:
• What architectural style is your building? If it’s art deco, classical, modern or some other style, you would want a stained glass design that reflects that same style to tie the look all together.
• What is the building used for? If it is a religious structure, then you may want to add some type of religious stained glass design. Or, if it is a government building, perhaps the stained glass design may have something that symbolizes that. If you are adding a stained glass dome to a university, you may want to add some university symbols or mascots to the design.
• Will you be using natural light or an artificial light source to light your dome? Different designs tend to work better under each type of light or there are some that work well if you plan to use both natural light and artificial light to bring the stained glass dome to life.
• Are there particular colors you could use to emphasize a company’s corporate identity or align with your brand? This can further your brand message as well as enhance the overall ambiance of your structure.

Our Stained Glass Design Catalogue
At Stained Glass Inc., we offer thousands of different stained glass designs, including religious stained glass dome designs and non-religious stained glass designs. Within our stained glass design catalogue, we also feature specific themes like nature or abstract as well as those that emulate a certain stained glass style like Tiffany or Frank Lloyd Wright.

Of course, our stained glass professionals can also create a custom stained glass design for your dome based on your ideas or a specific pattern that you have developed. You can work with our stained glass team and create something that fits your ideas and works within our modular design system for our stained glass dome manufacturing process.

The Stained Glass Inc. Advantage
There are a number of reasons to work with Stained Glass Inc. on your stained glass dome design:
• We do not use lead in any of our stained glass.
• Our stained glass is made from polymers that are much more durable than glass as well as rich mineral pigments that are designed to last longer in terms of the brilliance and color consistency that they offer.
• We have a process for creating stained glass domes that uses a modular construction so you can easily install the dome without construction or further remodeling.

Get Your Stained Glass Dome Estimate
To learn more about designing a stained glass dome, including using one of our designs or creating your own, or to receive a free estimate, please fill out our contact form or call our team of stained glass specialists at 903-454-8376.

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