Stained Glass Dome- Style and Design

Stained glass dome pattern.

This unique and colorful design is perfect for use as a stained glass dome.

Stained Glass Dome Style and Designs
For everything from restaurants, casinos, and hotels to universities, libraries, and government buildings to churches and shopping centers to even homes, stained glass domes provide light, beauty, and inspiring ambiance. With a diverse catalogue of stained glass dome styles and designs, we are sure to have what you are looking for to fit your construction or remodeling project.

Styles of Stained Glass Domes
Our stained glass domes come in many styles that reflect different architectural periods and forms. For examples, we have stained glass domes that emulate Tiffany as well as Frank Lloyd Wright. We also offer modern, contemporary, abstract, traditional, religious and non-religious stained glass styles.

Stained Glass Dome Designs
To provide that rich aesthetic sense to your structure, our seasoned stained glass design team has already developed an extensive collection of stained glass dome designs that cover many themes, including religious imagery and non-religious designs like nature, mosaic, kaleidoscope and more.

The stained glass designs for domes offer a brilliant array of colors that can be highlighted by natural light or they can be backlit with LED lighting. The color palette is seemingly endless with everything from bold and rich hues to pastels and luminescent shades of white.

Our master stained glass artists have years of experience developing these stained glass designs, perfecting the art of stained glass and selecting only the finest mineral pigments to use.

Custom Stained Glass Dome Designs
Besides the styles and designs offered in our catalogue for stained glass domes, we can also create a completely custom stained glass dome. This provides you with a way to enjoy a signature stained glass design, helping your stained glass stand out even more.

Our stained glass designers and master craftspeople work directly with clients on coming up with the perfect design. We offer complimentary stained glass design consultations as part of our regular service.

Because our stained glass domes are made from modular pieces, they can be combined in just about any way to make the size of dome that fits your space. As part of the consultation process, our team of stained glass specialists is happy to answer any and all questions you may have related to stained glass specifics.

Our Stained Glass Advantage
Beyond the amazing artistry and extensive collection of stained glass dome designs, our stained glass offers a significant advantage over other companies. It is completely lead-free and environmentally friendly, offering a way to reduce drafts and lower energy costs.

Additionally, our stained glass is made from polymers that are much stronger than traditional glass and have passed numerous safety standards, providing durability and impact resistance to stand the test of time.

Free Estimates for Stained Glass Domes
Our stained glass design, ordering, and installation process is easy. Start with a free estimate today for your commercial or residential stained glass dome project to find out how you can enjoy the illuminating and stunning colors of stained glass domes. Fill out our contact form or call our team of stained glass specialists at 903-454-8376.

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