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This design is one of many to choose from in our lightweight stained glass dome design collection.

Lightweight Stained Glass Domes

With the awe-inspiring look that a stained glass dome can create in a large building, including the shear scope of the design, many might immediately assume that the stained glass dome must weigh at least a ton. With the concern over the weight of a stained glass dome, many might hesitate to install one because they think that the construction and installation process must be too complicated or expensive. However, with the innovative stained glass dome process used at Stained Glass Inc., we can solve all those issues and change mindsets about just how much a stained glass dome actually weighs.

A Stained Glass Dome is Not a Weighty Issue

The idea of heavy stained glass domes has been solved through a unique process that uses different materials and ways of manufacturing to make the entire stained glass dome lighter.

First, the stained glass domes that Stained Glass Inc. makes uses a different type of framing system, which is lighter in weight without losing any of the strength or durability that is essential to hold the stained glass in place. Previous materials were much heavier, which put considerable weight on the structure and the stained glass dome itself. However, the new materials make it easier to install and take the pressure of the building.

Second, the manufacturing and installation process use what is known as a modular process. This means that it is made and installed in pieces rather than as a whole stained glass dome. Instead of using heavy equipment to install the entire dome, the work can be done easily by a few people in a fraction of the time.

Stained Glass Dome Styles

Stained Glass Inc. can make a lightweight stained glass dome that fits your structure without requiring you to make a large whole in your building or other extensive construction work. Instead, each stained glass dome is designed to work with what you have currently. There are some general options to consider based on different types of building layouts:

  • If you have an existing skylight, you can simply install the stained glass dome right over that area. This way, natural light is already available to flood through the stained glass dome.
  • If you do not have an open space in your structure to access natural light you can use a light box that is installed first to a ceiling and then have the dome placed over it.
  • There are even options to combine the skylight and light box to create light night and day through the stained glass dome.

Free Stained Glass Dome Estimates from Stained Glass Inc.

Working on projects all over the world, the team of artisans at Stained Glass Inc. is adept at custom designing all types of stained glass domes in various sizes, shapes, and designs for all types of structures. To find out just how easy it is to add a lightweight stained glass dome to your structure, including getting a free estimate and design consultation, contact our team today. You can reach them through our contact formĀ or by calling our team of stained glass specialists at 903-454-8376.

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