The Benefits of Having a Stained Glass Dome

This is one of many stained glass dome designs offered by Stained Glass Inc.

Stained Glass Domes Can Benefit You in Many Ways

A stained glass dome is one of the many types of artistic stained glass products made by the artisans at Stained Glass Inc. Over the years and the course of many successful stained glass domes produced for clients all around the world, a wide range of benefits have been realized in adding such a feature to all types of structures.

The Benefits of a Stained Glass Dome

No matter what type of structure or building you have – from a hotel, retail center, or restaurant to a government building, college library, or office space – there are benefits to adding a stained glass dome:

  • Showcase a specific area of your building or structure.
  • Create a strong visual impression.
  • Personalize a space.
  • Add to your brand or company identity.
  • Include a rich aesthetic to enhance the building’s architecture and interior design features.
  • Heighten a ceiling or enlarge a room’s appearance.
  • Bring in more natural light or colorful light effects that alter the mood of a space and brighten any dark spaces.
  • Invite the outdoors inside for a closer relationship with nature that has been known to help stimulate productivity and lighten the mood.
  • Incorporate art in a new and interesting way.
  • Assist in regulating the temperature of a building or structure’s interior space.

Options for Stained Glass Domes  

While you might think that, despite all these benefits, a stained glass dome is too difficult or costly to include, think again. The Stained Glass Inc. process for custom stained glass domes is to use a modular process in which segments are created and assembled on-site for easy installation.

Even better is the fact that no construction is necessary. Just use an existing skylight or, if that is not available, use an artificial light source like a light box to illuminate your stained glass dome. These options can even be combined so that benefits of the stained glass dome can be enjoyed both day and night.

Stained Glass Inc. offers a catalogue of extraordinary, unique stained glass designs but also encourages customers to create their own stained glass designs that may incorporate a set of colors and/or imagery that reflect their business. This provides an opportunity to personalize the stained glass dome.

Because Stained Glass Inc. uses high quality, environmentally friendly, and lead-free stained glass made from polymers that have been proven to withstand many forces, these stained glass domes are made to last for decades to come. The highly experienced stained glass artisans work directly with customers on every stained glass dome project. This provides reassurance and confidence that the stained glass dome produced will meet expectations. Even better is the factory-direct pricing and shipping for affordability and convenience.

Stained Glass Inc. Offers Free Estimates for Stained Glass Domes

To view our catalogue of stained glass dome designs, to ask a question, or to submit your own stained glass dome design idea for a free estimate, please fill out our contact form or call our team of stained glass specialists at 903-454-8376.

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