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Building Stained Glass Domes

Building a stained glass dome.

Basic drawing for stained glass dome assembly.

Building Stained Glass Domes
Whether used for residential or commercial applications, stained glass domes provide a way to brighten a room or space as well as add beauty and ambiance through dramatic colors and artistic patterns.

Our stained glass domes are safe, lead-free, and 200 times stronger than leaded glass. Each one is made with the finest details and has undergone UV lab testing that shows that the stained glass dome can be exposed to ten years of UV light without fading. Our stained glass domes are also lightweight and shatter-resistant.

Stained Glass Dome Assembly
While you may think that stained glass dome installation may be cumbersome, time-consuming, and complicated, we have the assembly and installation process down to a science so you do not have to do any ‘heavy lifting.’ This is because we have developed a modular process for installation that does not require major construction or remodeling to add a stained glass dome to your structure.

To show you just how easy it is to add a stained glass dome, here are the assembly instructions we typically provide to customers to help them add this beautiful architectural touch to their structure:

1. Assemble the metal frame.
2. Bolt the base ring together, following the matching lettered parts on each component.
3. Bolt the longitudinal ribs at the center ring together. Do the ribs on the opposite sides first to add stability to the stained glass dome frame and then finish off bolting together the other ribs.
4. Add the polymer stained glass panels. These are attached with nuts and washers to threaded anchors.
5. Add black silicone at the joints where the stained glass panels meet the frame of the dome.

Before ordering and installing your stained glass dome, it is recommended that you still ensure you are meeting local building codes.

Lighting Your Stained Glass Dome
Before ordering your stained glass dome and assembling it, you will need to consider where to place it in your structure to get the desired light level.

For stained glass domes placed under a skylight, it is important to make an enclosed box to seal the light shaft between the dome and the skylight. Of course, if you still want to show off the stained glass dome in the evenings, you will need to add a lightbox as well for nighttime viewing.

For those domes installed with a lightbox, you can add both dimmable LED lights and florescent lights, which allow you to change the light intensity throughout the day or evening to create different levels of ambiance for the space.

To ensure you get even lighting, keep the light sources away from the dome panels as much as possible. This means leaving at least 8-10 inches of space between the dome panels and the light source. This will allow for the light to indirectly illuminate the back of the dome.

Free Estimates for Stained Glass Domes
To learn more about custom ordering, shipping, and installation, please contact our team of stained glass professionals who are happy to assist you with any questions or concerns. We also offer free estimates for stained glass domes. You can reach us through our contact form or by calling 903-454-8376.

Lighting for your Stained Glass Dome

Stained glass dome.

Colorful stained glass dome design provided by Stained Glass Inc.

Stained Glass Dome Lighting
Found in commercial and residential spaces, stained glass domes offer a way to illuminate a space in a beautiful way through an array of colors and effects. This feature can be added to a meeting space, chapel, classroom, office, hall, sanctuary, restaurant, casino or even a home.

Adding a stained glass dome does not have to involve major construction or remodeling. Instead, there are different types of stained glass domes available that allow you the option of natural light, artificial lighting, or even a combination of both.

Natural Lighting for Stained Glass Domes
Stained glass domes can rely purely on natural light. They can be added below an existing skylight or opening in your structure. This provides easy installation while adding beauty through one or more stained glass designs. An additional benefit of using a naturally lit stained glass dome is that it can help reduce lighting costs for a home or business.

Stained Glass Dome LED Lighting Options
While you may think that designing and installing a stained glass dome for your home will be expensive and involve significant remodeling or construction costs, we have made both processes simple and affordable. And, you do not even need a window or natural light source to enjoy it.

Accessible both night and day, our LED lighting options use a light box that gives the appearance of a stained glass window. A light box is simply placed behind the dome and mounted to the ceiling to create the light needed to illuminate it.

The environmentally-friendly LED lighting can be illuminated with LED lights rated for 30,000 hours of use without having to change a bulb. That is the equivalent to 14 hours of use per week for about 40 years. This can also save on lighting costs for a business and home while allowing the beauty of the stained glass dome to shine any time.

There is also the option of combining natural light and LED lighting to enjoy the best of both worlds, using the sunlight throughout the day and then switching to LED lighting so that the stained glass dome can still be used in the evening for an elegant feel.

Custom Stained Glass Dome Orders
We completely customize everything about your stained glass dome order. That includes the shape, size, design and colors. Whether you choose from our stained glass design collection of religious and non-religious designs or you submit your own stained glass design idea, our stained glass professionals can create it and ship it to you, factory direct. Our stained glass domes meet all code standards for safety and breakage resistance.

Ordering a Stained Glass Dome for Your Commercial or Residential Project
It’s easy to order direct from the manufacturer and enjoy the affordability and easy installation of our stained glass domes. Learn more about stained glass domes and how they can add light and beauty to your home or business. We offer estimates by filling out our contact form or calling 903-454-8376.