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Stained Glass Dome Restoration

Stained Glass Dome #117

Stained Glass Dome #117

Replacing Damaged Stained Glass Domes
Although Stained Glass Inc. does not actually do stained glass dome restoration, the team can help rebuild a new stained glass dome based on the original design. This blog covers some of the reasons why we do not do restoration and why it is often a good idea to create a new stained glass dome instead.

The Process of Stained Glass Dome Restoration
There are many beautiful, but old and damaged, stained glass domes that are in need of repair or restoration. Often, these antique domes are covered in dirt or are fragile or broken.

The process of restoring a stained glass dome may involve something as simple, although time-consuming, as a good cleaning to remove grime and debris. Other times, pieces of the stained glass dome may have faded color or have been broken and are in need of replacing. Even more complicated is that the stained glass dome’s structure and support system may be deteriorating, including the frame. If the dome is very old, it may be that the glazing sealants were also inadequate to protect the stained glass dome.

Stained Glass Domes: Restore or Replace?
There are many things to consider before deciding whether a stained glass dome should be restored or replaced. The older the stained glass dome may be the more work and cost will be necessary to restore it to its original beauty. The cost and effort may be too much for the budget, depending on the extent of restoration work that may be needed.

In many cases, the better alternative would be to completely replace the stained glass dome. This could provide a cost-effective alternative that also takes advantage of new technology and materials that are environmentally-friendly, free of lead, and offer a longer life for the stained glass dome.

Custom Stained Glass Dome Designs
While we do offer an extensive range of stained glass dome designs, our team of seasoned stained glass professionals and artisans also enjoy making custom stained glass dome designs. That means that we can work with a stained glass dome design that you have in mind. This is an excellent alternative when you may need to consider completely replacing an old and damaged dome.

The stained glass dome design you may have can be recreated by our stained glass master craftsmen. Beyond just recreating the stained glass dome design for you, we can also size the dome to fit your existing space. This is because our domes are made from modular pieces so you do not have to think about any construction to make a new dome fit in the old dome’s space.

Another advantage to having us recreate your stained glass dome from scratch is that we use polymers that are stronger than originally used in your dome as well as advanced adhesives and structural materials beyond what is required from existing safety standards. This means the new stained glass dome will withstand more and last longer.

Call for a Stained Glass Dome Estimate
To learn more about replacing your old stained glass dome with an environmentally, energy-efficient, stunning new stained glass dome and to receive a free estimate, contact us now! Fill out our contact form or call our team of stained glass specialists at 903-454-8376.