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Stained Glass Inc. Presents Stained Glass Domes for Churches

Church Stained Glass Domes

Beautiful Stained Glass Domes for Churches

A signature element of some of the world’s most ancient and revered churches, the stained glass dome is an architectural element that provides the effect of illuminated heavens. Beautifully intricate stained glass domes evoke old world charm as well as a sense of the divine, making them perfect for use in a church. Of course, the old style of stained glass, which is made up of dense metal and weighty glass, is incredibly cumbersome, expensive and difficult to install. Fortunately, Stained Glass Inc. has a solution for that.

Stained Glass Domes from Stained Glass Inc.

Stained Glass Inc. is one of the foremost manufacturers and distributors of stained glass domes. With an ingenious combination of modern techniques and hybridized, light-weight materials, Stained Glass Inc. has engineered a stained glass dome that is not only affordable, but also easy to install. Additionally, Stained Glass Inc. has pioneered the usage of sophisticated fastening systems which allow for these domes to be hung from an all but invisible support system, so they can be installed in virtually any space that could benefit from a stained glass dome ceiling.

Day or Night, Our Stained Glass Domes are Radiant

One of the disadvantages of working with real stained glass is that it requires natural backlighting for the effect to be visible. Stained glass domes from Stained Glass Inc. can be backlit with warm LED light sources that illuminate the stained glass regardless of the time of day or presence of natural backlighting. No matter how big or small your church is, we have a stained glass dome that can fit your space. Even if there is natural backlighting to illuminate your stained glass during the day, our illuminated stained glass domes can be turned on to light up ceremonies that take place after dark, like Midnight Mass, or even just for rainy, overcast days when the sun isn’t out.

Custom Stained Glass Domes that are Built to Last

One of the advantages of working with any member of the Stromberg Group is the ability to custom-design your order. With Stained Glass Inc., we can design your stained glass dome with any design you can dream of, and we can build your stained glass dome to fit in any space. Whether you are looking for something in more of a Tiffany style, or you are looking for something a bit more traditional and ecclesiastic, if you can dream it, we can design it. Better still, due to the durability of our polymer blend, you can be sure that your custom-designed stained glass dome will be appreciated for generations to come.

Advantages of Stained Glass Inc. Stained Glass Domes

  • More affordable than traditional stained glass
  • More durable than traditional stained glass
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance

Contact Us Today for More Information or an Estimate

Interested? For more information about how to custom-order your own stained glass dome, or for an estimate, contact us today by visiting our contact page https://www.stainedglassdome.com/contact-us/ or calling us at 903-454-8376. Our team of expert artisans and craftsmen are on call and excited to work with you to make your dreams of stained glass a reality.

The Leader in Affordable Stained Glass Domes

Affordable Elegant Stained Glass Domes 

Historically, stained glass domes have only been available to the wealthiest members of society. Prior to Stromberg’s innovative solution for manufacturing an affordable stained glass product, grand churches and cathedrals, significant government buildings and the private homes of the super wealthy were the only places where one could appreciate the beauty of these amazing architectural elements. Fortunately, thanks to Stained Glass Inc.’s ability to mass produce stained glass at an affordable price, stained glass domes are more affordable, durable and structurally sound than ever before.

Our Custom Stained Glass Domes Fit Any Structure

Stained glass domes present several complicated design challenges. Not only are traditional stained glass domes extremely fragile, they can also be heavy, and they need access to direct sunlight. Due to their comparably light weight, the flexibility of craftsmen and the potential for using LED backlighting instead of natural light, our custom stained glass domes evade all of these design pitfalls. Whether you are redecorating your home or you are designing a new church, we provide you the creative freedom to design your stained glass dome with any motif, size or shape to ensure that we provide the perfect dome for your project.

Stained Glass Domes as Durable as They Are Beautiful

Traditional stained glass may be beautiful, but it is notoriously fragile. It is for this reason that we developed a more durable and shatter-resistant variety of stained glass that is substantially more tough than other types of stained glass. This means that you won’t have to worry about harsh weather like hail storms or heavy snow. These domes are even resistant to light debris caused by wind storms or construction. With our modern stained glass domes, you can rest assured with the knowledge that your stained glass is just as tough as it is beautiful.

Contact us Today

To find out more about our services, materials, and custom design process, send us a message through our contact page or call us at 903-454-8376. You can also request a free initial consultation to discuss the details of your stained glass dome project at any time. We are always here to help.