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Custom Stained Glass Domes

Stained glass dome

Beautiful custom stained glass domes can be created to fit your specific style and taste.

Custom Stained Glass Domes
While Stained Glass Inc. offers every design and style imaginable for stained glass domes, including traditional and modern styles as well as religious and non-religious designs, we are known for offering a completely custom service for stained glass domes.

What to Consider When Designing a Custom Stained Glass Dome
When thinking about how to design your custom stained glass dome, there are many things to consider:

• What do you want to express with your stained glass dome? For instance, are you trying to add ambiance to a restaurant or hotel or are you looking to enhance the interior design on your home? Do you want to highlight a religious or inspirational message for your church?
• Where are you putting the stained glass dome in your structure? This may determine the size and scope of its design as well as the colors.
• What type of light source do you want and when will it mostly be on display? You don’t have to rely on natural lighting to enjoy a stained glass dome because artificial lighting can back light the dome. This also allows the dome to be enjoyed in the evening, which is often necessary for a restaurant or casino.

Our Custom Stained Glass Dome Designs
To create a signature look for your stained glass dome that you will not see anywhere else, you can work with our team to design a stained glass dome that represents your brand, location, and type of business or personal style. Because we use a modular design process, we can create just about anything you can imagine.

Everything about our custom stained glass domes is about your personal specifications, including size, pattern, and colors. You can provide an example as a rendering or sketch or our artists can create a picture.

Our customization process also includes designing the dome for a natural light source, an artificial light source, or both.

The Benefits of Partnering with Stained Glass Inc.
There are a number of benefits of working with Stained Glass Inc. on a custom stained glass dome:

• No lead is used in the stained glass production process, offering safety and health benefits.
• The polymers used are stronger than regular glass and deliver higher impact resistance.
• The team of stained glass professionals has extensive expertise and skill in crafting stained glass, using traditional processes and modern technology.
• The company has created some incredible stained glass for clients all over the world in a wide range of applications and structures.
• Our team is friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive, so you know your image, technical, and installation questions will be answered and you will be able to enjoy the design, ordering, delivery and installation process for your custom stained glass dome.
• We provide complimentary design consultations as well as free quotes.

Learn More about Custom Stained Glass Domes
To find out just how easy it is to design and order a custom stained glass dome, contact our team of stained glass professionals now to get more information, receive a free custom quote, and discuss your ideas. You can reach Stained Glass Inc. by filling out our contact form or calling 903-454-8376.