Stained Glass Dome #115

Stained Glass Dome #115

A Stained Glass Inc. dome in diverse shades of blue. The perfect pool canopy! This dome is round, but our domes come in a range of sizes and shapes that can be customized to suit your project.

About This Stained Glass Inc. Dome

  • Panels sit in a steel frame and are easily removed for access to lighting, or you can change them out for stained glass panels with a different look
  • Made of laminated, shatter-resistant polymer glass; safe for overhead use
  • Will look magnificent in a wide array of spaces, and can be customized to work with the unique décor of your project
  • This Stained Glass Inc. dome can easily be installed in one day by a professional carpenter or builder

Features and Benefits of Stained Glass Inc. Domes

  • Stained Glass Inc. domes are of the highest quality, and are produced by some of the best stained glass crafters in the business
  • Stained Glass Inc. domes can be specially commissioned to provide you with a design of timeless value
  • Decorative recessed lighting can be used as a stained glass skylight in a solarium or a sunroom
  • Stained Glass Inc. domes are available in numerous patterns, colors, and sizes
  • Up to 250 times stronger than other stained glass domes
  • Made in the USA
  • Up to 80% less than retail

Stained Glass Dome Sizes and Shapes

Our domes can be produced in practically any size or shape. They range from 3′ to 40′ in diameter; our round, oval, rectangular, and octagonal domes are made to order. Whatever your project, we can customize your dome to meet your size and style requirements.

The Next Step

For dome pricing and information, please send us an email through our contact page or call us at 903-454-8376. Initial consultations and personalized quotes are always provided at no cost to our potential clients.