Stained Glass Dome #111

Stained Glass Dome #111

Stained Glass Inc. dome with muted earth tones. This dome is round, and it has diamond shapes arranged in concentric circles for a dramatic statement.

About This Stained Glass Inc. Dome

  • Installation of this stained glass dome will pose no problem for a professional contractor
  • You can have an opening put in the center panel to add a chandelier below the dome
  • We can customize this stained glass dome with your preferred artwork or even a company logo
  • This dome is completely safe for overhead use; it is made from shatter-resistant polymer glass
  • This and all other Stained Glass Inc. domes are lead free

Features and Benefits of Stained Glass Inc. Domes

  • Our domes make stunning recessed light fixtures or skylights
  • We offer a wide range of colors, textures, and degrees of transparency for our domes
  • Our work can be seen in the Smithsonian Museum, the White House, and 5 star hotels around the world
  • Our artists are among the best stained glass crafters around; they’ll pay attention to every detail
  • Shop and compare—our domes are priced at up to 80% off retail
  • Place our domes in entryways, restaurants, gazebos, and hotel lobbies for a grandiose look

Stained Glass Inc. Dome Sizes and Shapes

Dome diameters range from 3′ to 40′. Any design, whether round, oval, octagonal, or rectangular, can be modified for your particular project.

The Next Step

We’ll help you evaluate the best location for your stained glass dome and provide you with prompt service and instant feedback. For dome prices, information, and recommendations, call us at 903-454-8376 or visit our contact page to email us.

We’ll make sure you get all of your questions answered so that you feel confident in your purchase.