Stained Glass Dome #107

Stained Glass Dome #107

This exquisitely designed stained glass dome is an architectural element of the highest quality. This dome design is round, but Stained Glass Inc. domes come in many shapes and sizes, with diameters ranging from 3′ to 40′. Stained Glass Inc. domes can be custom made to your exact specifications.

About This Stained Glass Inc. Dome

  • The dome’s steel frame bolts together, and panels sit directly in the frame
  • Our assembly method makes it easy to remove the panels to clean them or access backlighting
  • The dome is made with polymer glass, a mix of special acrylics and polycarbonates
  • Dome material is a shatter-resistant alternative to traditional stained glass that is every bit as attractive
  • This Stained Glass Inc. dome can be installed by any professional carpenter or builder
  • Dome can be customized to meet your needs
  • Stained Glass Inc. dome is safe for any type of overhead use (in cupolas, as stained glass ceilings, etc.)
  • Center panel can include a hole for a chandelier that will hang below the dome

Features and Benefits of Stained Glass Inc. Domes

  • Our domes make beautiful stained glass skylights or recessed light fixtures
  • Your stained glass dome will arrive as a set of easy-to-assemble modular parts
  • Stained Glass Inc. offers you world’s largest selection of stained glass designs and motifs
  • Our designers will put all of their creative power to work to transform your stained glass dream into a reality
  • Translucent stained glass domes can be produced in a wide range of sizes, making them suitable for large and small spaces
  • Stained Glass Inc. domes are up to 250 times stronger than other stained glass domes
  • Stained glass domes will enhance the ambiance of your home or office and make a powerful impression
  • Made in the USA, and priced up to 80% lower than retail

The Next Step

Please feel free to call us at 903-454-8376 or send us an email through our contact page to inquire about this dome or another in our collection. We are happy to answer your questions about our stained glass domes, our materials, and our custom design process. If you’d like to discuss the details of your project with a representative, we can also provide a free initial consultation and a personalized estimate.