Stained Glass Dome #106

Stained Glass Dome #106

Stained Glass Inc. domes can feature a virtually endless array of designs, and are available in many sizes and shapes. This stained glass dome is round, but our domes are available in a wide range of dimensions to meet the demands of your project.

About This Stained Glass Inc. Dome

  • The dome’s steel frame bolts together, so panels can sit directly in the frame
  • Easy-to-remove panels for convenient cleaning and access to backlighting
  • Center panel can include a hole for a chandelier that will hang below the dome
  • Stained Glass Inc. domes can be installed quickly by any professional carpenter or builder
  • Domes are totally customizable to work with your project; can be installed on roofs or used as pool canopies
  • Stained Glass Inc. domes are safe for overhead use; they are laminated and made from shatter-resistant polymer glass

Features and Benefits of Stained Glass Inc. Domes

  • Can be used for superb recessed lighting or as skylights
  • Domes are a graceful addition to the décor of a stairway, lobby, pool room, solarium, conservatory, or other space
  • Stained Glass Inc. domes come in an assortment of sizes and designs
  • Stained Glass Inc. domes are up to 250 times stronger than other stained glass domes
  • Our domes are made in the USA
  • Make a selection from our gallery, or have any design customized for a stained glass dome unlike any other
  • Prices that are up to 80% less than retail

Stained Glass Dome Sizes and Shapes

Stained Glass Inc. domes come in almost any shape or size. Diameters can range from 3′ to 40′, and just a few possible shapes are round, oval, octagonal, and rectangular. All designs are completely customizable to make sure you will get a stained glass dome that will work flawlessly with the other elements of your project.

The Next Step

Please feel free to call us at 903-454-8376 or send us an email through our contact page to inquire about this dome or another in our collection. We are happy to answer your questions about our stained glass domes, our materials, and our custom design process. If you’d like to discuss the details of your project with a representative, we can also provide a free initial consultation and a personalized estimate.